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☑For those who have received an introductory e-mail from the management team of this website
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This is a page for companies / corporations who have received contact from the management team of attorney Catalog for Traffic Accidents.
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For those who received an introductory e-mailFor those who have been referred

Are there any costs and/or fees?

Fees such as registration and referral fees are always free.
Registering and posting on this site is free of charge (0円); there is no financial exchange.

What’s the benefit of registering?

「”I’m unsure how to attract customers online…”」 「”Attracting online customers is convenient, but can be pricey with the operation cost…”」 Worry no more. To register on this site, you don’t need any expertise with online marketing, nor do you have to bear any costs. By simply registering via the form above, a dedicated and personalized page will be posted on this site for you to enjoy the benefits of effortless and free online customer acquisition.

How do I modify / remove registration contents?

If you wish to have your content on this site modified or deleted, please contact us via this registration sheet. When submitting a request for modification/deletion, please make sure to include the URL of the page you wish to have modified or deleted. In addition, please understand that there are certain cases in which we may delete the contents based on our own discretion.